Family disinfection mainly refers to the disinfection and disposal of the air, bedding, furniture, tableware, patient’s excrement and various articles that may be contaminated in the family room polluted by pathogenic microorganisms. However, family disinfection should not be excessive. The wrong method of family disinfection can easily lead to disease!

The disinfected water is too clean for children to be sick

Ms. Wang’s 3-year-old baby is weak and sickly, and often goes to the hospital. What makes Ms. Wang depressed is that in order to make her children less sick, she attaches great importance to family health. It’s needless to say that the children’s bowls and spoons are sterilized separately. The floor of the family should be dragged with disinfectant water every day to prevent the children from getting germs when they climb and play on the ground. Even if so careful, why does the child always get sick?

Experts: the family is not a hospital, unless there are infectious disease patients in the family, otherwise there is no need to disinfect in such a big way. Especially for children, their immunity is like that of the “army”. They should often participate in training. If the home is too clean, the child’s immune system can not be exercised, so that when he goes out and touches the germs, the immune system immediately disarms and surrenders, so he will often get sick.

Children 0 to 3 years old is an important stage of the development of the immune system. It’s better to be “dirty” at home. Let children touch pets and play with mud. It’s an exercise for the immune system to avoid becoming allergic constitution in the future.

Wash clothes and disinfect water. It will irritate the skin if not necessary

Many families with children, in order to avoid the germs “walking through the streets”, the clothes of adults and children should be washed separately, and the underwear and coat should be washed separately. Some mothers feel that this will increase a lot of work, will wash all the clothes together, and add disinfectant water in the last washing procedure. Some brands of laundry detergent also see this market, and will directly add bactericide and disinfectant water to it, claiming that the laundry detergent can be washed together with underwear and outerwear.

Expert explanation: several problems should be paid attention to when using disinfectant or bactericide in laundry. One is the concentration. If the concentration is too high, it may damage the clothes. The second is the problem of residue. When using disinfectant or bactericide to wash clothes, you must pay attention to rinse clean. If there is residue, the clothes will cause irritation to the skin when wearing, or even damage the skin. The gain is not worth the loss.

If you don’t just come back from a densely populated public place, such as an epidemic area or a railway station, you don’t need to disinfect your clothes. Normal washing is enough.

It’s difficult to use bactericidal Shower Gel

A shower gel advertisement is deeply rooted in people’s hearts: holding hands on the bus and touching other people’s arms, countless germs are instantly “transferred” to our skin. It seems that when you go home from work, you must use sterilized bath gel, otherwise your health will be endangered and your family’s health will be threatened. Is that really the case?

Expert explanation: any bactericide plays a role, it needs to contact with the disinfection object for a certain period of time. We may wash it off in a few seconds, but it’s hard to kill bacteria. Besides, the skin is the most tenacious barrier of our human body. If there is no damage, it is very difficult for bacteria to break through this line of defense.

Therefore, Xiaobian advocates that environmental sanitation should be mainly based on cleaning, because the abuse of disinfectants may lead to drug resistance of bacteria and fail to achieve the effect of cleaning bacteria over time. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge, such as the need for disinfection of children’s bedding, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s bedding disinfection safety common sense column.