There are many parents around. The first thing to go home is to turn on the TV to watch the news and weather forecast. Some Baoma often play TV series with her baby, or take her baby with her mobile phone But do you know? This is really bad for the baby!

Recently, a post has been widely spread on the Internet. The original post is as follows:

It is forbidden to watch TV under the age of 2. The total time of watching TV every week at the age of 3-4 shall not exceed 30 minutes. The time of watching each time shall be calculated in minutes. Because children’s eyes are in the formative period of the first four years, they are very vulnerable, and the harm is irreversible and cannot be repaired; children who watch more TV are grumpy, and children who watch more TV do not like reading.

Some parents call to consult our newspaper, is the post right? Should parents prohibit children under 2 from watching TV? The reporter found Yang bingrang, a doctor of psychology from Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, and identified this post.

Identification result: it’s really useless for children to watch too much TV.

Identification reason: not only TV, including computers, mobile phones, iPad and other electronic products, but also the impact on children’s eyesight is obvious. Many parents have realized this problem. Here we mainly talk about whether watching TV has an impact on children’s temper.

The emotional development of young children is closely related to their socialization process, such as playing various games and outdoor activities with small partners, so that children can first understand how to express their emotions, and then learn how to control their emotions, so that their emotional experience can be fully and healthily developed. If a child is immersed in the virtual world of television for a long time, social interaction is limited, and he can’t experience other people’s emotions. If he doesn’t fully understand the emotions, there will be what people call “grumpy” phenomenon.

The influence of watching TV on reading is mainly reflected in the cultivation of good habits. Children’s reading habits can be cultivated from about one year old, for example, through parent-child reading. As long as a good reading habit is formed, children will benefit for life. However, if children are addicted to TV when they are young, they will lack interest in reading, and bad habits will directly affect their reading state and reading ability in the future.

Therefore, in order to develop a better character for children, please help them stay away from TV and take them to outdoor activities! If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.