It’s another autumn. Before the heating, the household heaters, electric blankets and other electric heating equipment “reappear in the Jianghu”. However, unreasonable use of electricity, lack of common sense of electricity use, coupled with dry weather, electric shock accidents also occur frequently, and even cause fire in serious cases So how to prevent electric shock in daily life? Let’s talk about your daily knowledge of electric shock prevention.

How do you put appliances in your home?

Pay attention to safety when placing:

① the best place to install the socket is where the child can’t touch it. If the enclosed socket of the room itself is located at a lower position, it should also be covered with appropriate furniture such as tables, small bookcases, etc. The selected socket should be equipped with safety baffle and checked frequently to prevent leakage.

② the placement of household appliances should be far away from the place where children often play and move.

③ all electrical appliances shall be unplugged in time after use to prevent accidents.

④ educate children to pay attention to safety, make clear the hazards of disorderly operation of electrical equipment, and do not tamper with electrical equipment in the absence of adults.

Don’t lock the child at home alone.

⑥ after the child is sensible (over 5 years old), he / she can be taught how to use electrical appliances and allowed to use them under the guidance of adults.

How to prevent lightning shock?

In summer, especially in Thunderstorm and lightning, a lot of heat (generally up to 30000 ℃) is generated, which makes the volume of air around it suddenly expand, thus causing huge thunder. At the moment of lightning formation, the current can reach 200000-250000 a, and the maximum current can reach 600000-700000 a. They are called mines, which often threaten the safety of people and animals in the wild. Therefore, parents should tell their children some common sense of lightning protection and educate them:

Don’t hide in the woods or under the trees on the hillside when thundering;

Don’t walk around isolated tall buildings, chimneys and electric poles in wet clothes;

Don’t swim or row in a river, lake or river.

When thundering, be careful not to approach metal objects, such as water pipe, gas pipe, electric wire, iron, etc. No matter where, when lightning strikes, turn off the radio and TV

In case of lightning stroke, rescue should be carried out on the spot immediately, and external chest compression and artificial respiration should be carried out quickly. After on-site first aid, breathing and heartbeat resuscitation, they shall be sent to the nearby hospital in time to avoid delay of rescue time.

Baibai safety net indicates that if leakage is found when using household appliances, it should stop using immediately, unplug the power plug, carefully check whether there is good grounding, and whether the three pin plug is used as required. When reusing, first use a test pencil to check whether there is leakage. If there is no ground wire fault, please ask professional personnel to handle or send to repair shop. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!